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Recognize individuals, institutions, and organizations that demonstrate extraordinary effort in their commitment to support patients with MPNs.

How Do I Nominate an MPN Hero?

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1.  *Select a nomination category:
Recognizes individuals who provide or demonstrate care, guidance, education, or support above and beyond the standard of care for one or more patients with MPNs
Recognizes leadership in developing services and programs that address the needs of patients with MPNs, families, friends, caregivers, and healthcare professionals by advancing the science and medical understanding of MPNs, education, awareness, or approaches to care
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3. Who are you nominating?

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4.  Important! An independent judging panel will review your written explanation of why your nominee should be recognized. Please describe the nominee’s actions and accomplishments in as much detail as possible.

Tips for describing your nominee’s impact  

*What extraordinary efforts highlight your nominee’s commitment to improving the lives of people with MPNs or making a positive difference in the MPN community?
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All information provided in this submission will be used only for the purposes of conducting the MPN Heroes® Program. The program judges, steering committee, and others involved in conducting the program will have access to the nomination information. This information will not be sold, rented, or otherwise shared with others.